Our Dear Nation, Our Esteemed Citizens; I wholeheartedly greet you with affection and respect.

Today is 29 October Republic Day. Today, we are experiencing one of the most special and meaningful days of our national unity and fraternity and social solidarity. This day is not only one of the most important turning points of Türkiye, but also the date when the Century of Türkiye begins, in which we, as a nation, will realize what we dream of.

Today, we continue to follow the strong message of unity, solidarity and independence that we gave to the whole world a hundred years ago.

We take our steps with the same determination in every field, especially in the field of justice and law, and we say ‘human first’ for a strong family and a strong society.

We continue our stable development moves without interruption and we strongly voice justice and equity in the world. By further broadening the scope of fundamental rights and freedoms, we work for high standards of democracy, and we always move forward for the welfare and peace of our nation.

We are working with all our strength to ensure that the Century of Türkiye will also be the century of rights and justice, with the libertarian, inclusive, comprehensive and civil Constitution that we will prepare with an understanding based on the rule of law.

In the 100th anniversary of our Republic, in the Century of Türkiye, we are taking firm steps towards a fully independent, great and powerful Türkiye under the leadership of our President, Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

With these thoughts, I congratulate our beloved nation's 29 October Republic Day with my most heartfelt feelings. I commemorate with respect and gratitude all the heroes of our struggle for independence, especially the founder of our Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, our dignified martyrs and heroic veterans, who made these lands our homeland and sacrificed their lives for the indivisible unity of our country and our nation.  

Happy Republic Day!


Yılmaz TUNÇ

Minister of Justice

President of the Council of Judges and Prosecutors

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